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Gold-i Partners with to Offer Multi-Channel Communications to MetaTrader Brokers

Gold-i has announced a partnership with, a new personalised customer engagement platform, which will transform the way brokers using MetaTrader communicate with clients, bolstering lead generation, client acquisition and retention.’ bespoke technology enables brokers to communicate with clients using any combination of the messaging apps of their choice, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and Line. Simple to use and integrated directly with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, once the client’s preferred method of communication has been established, the broker then communicates using a Bot or direct communications. The Bot has an auto-translate feature, covering 53 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese, which also means that dealing with clients who don’t speak the broker’s native language is simple, quick and efficient.

“We are delighted that selected Gold-i to be its test-bed for MetaTrader and believe that is truly pushing boundaries in terms of client communications for MetaTrader brokers. As younger generations begin trading, it is important that brokers don’t communicate with them in traditional ‘old school’ ways of phone calls and emails but in the ways they find most accessible – this will accelerate global business opportunities for brokers and I believe is one of the biggest technology innovations we have seen for MetaTrader brokers in recent times.” - Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i.

“Gold-i shares our vision for leading the market, not following the pack and was the ideal company to partner with, with a proven track record in innovation. They have provided us with excellent support with deep integrations with MT4 and MT5.

“We are very excited about adding a new dimension to communications for MetaTrader brokers and believe there is a significant market opportunity. Using the platform, brokers can provide client communications 24x7, ranging from account information such as positions, balances and trade confirmations to personalised content such as news alerts specific to a trader’s watch list. They can communicate in the client’s preferred communications method throughout the client journey.” - Enis Mehmet, Co-Founder, provides the first comprehensive plug and play messaging app solution for MetaTrader brokers and can be used by sales, onboarding and marketing teams to enhance communication for clients and prospects.



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Gold-i is a global market leader in trading technology, helping hundreds of multi-asset brokers to transform their trading operations with robust liquidity management solutions, award-winning MetaTrader Plug-ins, business intelligence tools and all with the best support in the industry. Gold-i has won over 20 trade awards in recognition of its innovative products, commercial success and future potential, including a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2014. Has been recognised as one of the most influential Fintechs in 2018 and 2019.