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Latest Gold-i News

What is a MAM?

If you are an MT4 or MT5 broker you may have heard of the terms “MAM” (Multiple Account Manager) or “PAMM” (Percentage Allocation Management Module) before ...

Zero Hash Guest Blog: True Capital Efficiency Realized

Best execution can be achieved with the right combination of execution technology and settlement services.    The digital asset liquidity eco-system is f ...

Gold-i Partners with Zero Hash to Provide Centrally Settled Crypto Offering to Institutional Clients

3 September 2020 - Innovative FinTech provider, Gold-i and digital asset settlement firm, Zero Hash have launched a partnership to provide Prime of Primes, ...

Quick-Fire Video Q&A - Diversification

A successful brokerage that has steady growth and profitability requires some flexibility and creativity. Diversifying assets not only helps weather the FX ...

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