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Business Intelligence

Delve Deep into Your Client’s Trading Activity using Business Intelligence Tools

Welcome to part 4 of how to adapt and scale your brokerage. This week we are ‘delving deep’ into scaling your brokerage by visualising your client’s activi ...

Adapt & Scale Tom In front of brick wall with plant growing

How to Adapt and Scale your Brokerage Business

What could be missing from Your Brokerage Business? Growth and diversification? Learn Tom Higgins Starter List To Adapt And Scale Your Retail FX Brokerage!

Tom Higgins and Misha Kipnis

Business Intelligence Toolsets for FX brokers: Moving From Nice to Have to Must-Have

The impact of the Coronavirus on financial institutions is causing a shift in attitudes. As a result, find out why Business Intelligence tools are becoming a higher priority than ever before.


Volatility: The Importance of Risk Management

Volatility is at its highest level for several years and that brings big opportunities for brokers, however, high volatility can also greatly increase risk.