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Why does the Market need Crypto Switch

We Introduced Crypto Switch a few years ago, we have now extended it to the next generation Crypto Switch 2.0. If you are an exchange or broker that is consuming liquidity from multiple sources, then you need to have the same offering if you want to offer crypto assets in the crypto space. It is extremely difficult for multiple exchanges to be able to give a fair price and to be able to offer the right liquidity out to their clients because pricing is so fragmented across exchanges.

Using Gold-i's Crypto Switch you will have access to the top market makers in the states. You will have really deep liquidity and spreads with a single cleared model. You will have a counterparty with FXCH Clearing House, you will only have to pay with one entity yet you get the benefit of multiple market makers. So you can offer better pricing out, make more money and have better risk control. If you are an FX or CFD broker, and you want to offer crypto assets to your clients, you can do the same as an exchange and you can take the liquidity from all these market makers and on-sell that liquidity to other brokers if you are broke like a Liquidity Provider.

Crypto Switch is a revolutionary product that you really need.