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We have Signed the FX Global Code of Conduct!

As the FX market is an OTC market, there are no rules set by a central exchange as to how it should operate, but there are many conventions that have developed over the years to make sure it all works as expected. As with all conventions and standards, there are many to choose from, which leads to misunderstanding, and, with trillions of dollars traded daily, this can be very expensive.

The Global Foreign Exchange Committee decided that the best way to solve this dilemma was to work with as many key industry players as possible and document a  set of standards that they could all sign-up to. This set of standards and expected behaviours are The FX Global Code. It is optional to sign-up to and non-legally binding, but still vitally important.

We are very pleased to announce that Gold-i has adopted and signed-up to The FX Global Code. We agree with all the principles it espouses to, and we are especially pleased how it fits in so well with our core company values:

  • Innovate! - Wear The Loud Shirt
  • Get it Done! - Determined To Make It Work
  • Have Fun! We Are The Gold-i Team

The FX market is massive, and if we all play by the same rules, everyone wins!


Read our statement of commitment to the FX Global Code