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Volatility: The Importance of Risk Management

Volatility is at its highest level for several years and that brings big opportunities for brokers, however, high volatility can also greatly increase risk

It is therefore essential that a brokerage runs a well-balanced book and actively manages both their A-Book and B-Book.

How do I actively manage my A-Book and B-Book?

Put everything in the B-Book and it will all be fine? No, the swings will be enormous.

  • Review your Risk Management and Business Intelligence Tools.
  • Use Gold-i Visual Edge to maximise the profits that are out there.

We do not know how long this increased volatility will be there. While it is, use your Risk Management Tools correctly so you can maximise your profit and minimise your risk during these times of volatility.


Talk to the experts to find out more about how to manage volatility and risk. 


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