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Adapt and Scale Your Brokerage: Step 2 - Target Money Managers and Attract Professional Traders

One way to scale up your brokerage is to address an important point from our previous blog post - Target 3 sets of clients (very retail, professional, and money managers).  

By integrating a multi-account manager into your MetaTrader software, you can grow your brokerage by targeting money managers and attracting professional traders 

Maybe you have been anticipating developing your very own customisable solution to grow your business and client base? This may seem like a great idea; however, it could set you up for failure in the long run...  

1: It can be a waste of valuable time and money resources on various issues that have already been mastered by SaaS vendors over years of development.   

2: Research, development, and testing could drastically slow down your time to market but rushing these steps could cause multiple problems down the track - the typical tortoise and hare scenario.   


3: All that hard work, time, and money do not stop once you have finalised your product, future development and innovation will continuously need to be made.  

Fortunately, there is no need to spend all this valuable time and money, when you can easily partner with reliable technology software providers who have done all the hard work for you!  

Choosing a white label solution such as Gold-i MAM Pro will address the above issues whilst helping to grow your client base - a win, win?  

Our software undergoes continued updates including the eradication of typical pain points that you may encounter with the use of other MAMs on the market.  This is because we listen to our clients and invest in our products to ensure they are up-to-date and top standard. For example, we have delved deep into what things should and shouldn’t be controlled by a money manager, stopping the re-occurring issue of money managers breaking the MAM software.  

Building your own software may give you full control of its user interface, but don’t forget white label solutions are easily customisable to make the product look like your own brand. 



We offer the opportunity to customise the MAM Pro user-interface with your company name, logo, and brand colours - finishing the software with a seamless experience for your clients.  


By using a white label software solution, you have the time and money to focus on growing your business. Doing what you do best, ensuring your clients are happy.  


Interested in growing your client base with the best post-trade allocation tool for MetaTrader? Contact us today.