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Why is Now the Right Time for You to Become Crypto Competitive?

COVID-19 and the current economic climate has contributed to higher market volatility. 

Retail traders have started to get a wandering eye and are now looking to invest and trade new and exciting asset classes such as cryptocurrencies.  

Why Crypto Switch™?

Take advantage of: 

  • A fully cleared or centrally settled cash or CFD Cryptocurrency solution
  • Tighter spreads and deep pools of liquidity from multiple market makers and liquidity providers 
  • Full control over pricing and execution with a choice of primary/secondary feeds or full aggregation
  • The opportunity to create synthetic Cryptocurrency pairs to create whole new markets
  • Expanding revenue streams by distributing your own Crypto liquidity
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The Crypto market is fast evolving from a financial experiment to a mature asset class. We are excited to join Gold-i in providing FX Brokers and Crypto Exchanges a safe and streamlined access to multi-source Crypto Cash and CFD liquidity.

Franck Mikulecz, Co-founder, FXCH Ltd.

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