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Maximise Opportunities for Cryptocurrency Trading

With our in-depth understanding of the industry and utilising the flagship multi-asset liquidity management platform, Matrix, Gold-i has developed the award-winning Crypto Switch™ 2.0. 

With Gold-i’s Crypto Switch™ 2.0:

  • Get a fully cleared or centrally settled Crypto solution
  • Access tight spreads and deep pools of liquidity in cash and CFD instruments
  • Have full control over pricing and execution with a choice of primary/secondary feeds or full aggregation
  • Get the opportunity to create synthetic Cryptocurrency pairs to create whole new markets
  • Expand revenue streams by distributing your own Crypto liquidity
Crypto Switch™ 2.0

Gold-i Crypto Switch™ 2.0

This advanced platform allows Brokers, Crypto Exchanges, Liquidity Providers and Market Makers to maximise opportunities from the increasing demand for Cryptocurrency trading.

Access Deep and Diverse Pools of Liquidity with a Fully Cleared Crypto Solution

Crypto Switch™ 2.0 can be easily connected to any trading platform via a FIX API or other standard protocols

Liquidity Providers

"We are excited to be partnered with Gold-i. By combining Gold-i's automated matching and routing technology with automated settlement and netted obligations provided through Zero Hash, our shared clients can receive the best price and seamless settlement services."

Edward Woodford, CEO, Zero Hash.
Gold-i Crypto Switch™ 2.0 and Zero Hash

Gold-i and Zero#

Hedge Crypto flow with multiple leading counterparties and benefit from deeper and tighter liquidity that is centrally settled daily by our partners at Zero#.

The Crypto market is fast evolving from a financial experiment to a mature asset class. We are excited to join Gold-i in providing FX Brokers and Crypto Exchanges a safe and streamlined access to multi-source Crypto Cash and CFD liquidity.

Franck Mikulecz, Co-founder, FXCH Ltd.
Gold-i Crypto Switch™ 2.0 and FXCH

Gold-i and FXCH

Hedge Crypto flow with several venues whilst facing a single counterparty and benefit from real-time netting and leverage in Crypto assets trading in a safe and professional environment. Automatically reconcile funds held by the Clearing House.



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