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Gold-i has been known for developing some of the fastest and most reliable MT4 and MT5 Plug-ins on the market.

You don’t have to accept a one-size approach when outsourcing technology. 

Benefit from a wide range of plug-ins on offer and choose the right plug-in for your brokerage.

  • Make more money by using the fastest and most reliable MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway
  • Cut cost when you use MAM Pro for MT4 and MT5 Brokers and Money Managers
  • Diversify your offering by extending MT4 and MT5 to other asset classes beyond FX
  • Reduce risk and gain Business Intelligence with our risk tools
MT4 Bridge
MT5 Gateway

Award-Winning Ultra-Low Latency Smart Routing Products

MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway

The fastest and most reliable integration between retail and institutional trading systems.

  • Automatically covers all Retail Broker risks with Liquidity Providers in real-time
  • Easily manage your A-Book flow in MT4 or MT4 with ‘Cover’ trades
  • Create a variety of spread profiles with custom mark-up functionality
  • Sophisticated B-Book logic executing orders using VWAP prices for individual symbols, accounts or groups
MAM and MAM Pro for MT4 and MT5

Post-Trade Allocation Tools


Get the most sophisticated and cost-effective post-trade allocation tool on the market for MetaTrader Brokers and Money Managers

  • Attract a diverse range of clients by offering a variety of allocation methods including equity, even, balance, lot and cash-based rules
  • Offer more flexibility to Money Managers and IBs by allowing different exclusion rules
  • Use High Water Mark logic to pay an account a rebate based on their performance with MAM Pro

Among the various technology providers that we have worked with, Gold-i ranks in a select few. They almost always have out-of-the-box solutions for our immediate needs, and any necessary customization is implemented quickly and managed well. They employ a solid team of support personnel backed by excellent developers and a good management team. We are always confident in the products we are getting from Gold-i, and on a personal note they are a pleasure to work with.

Scott Dunlavey, ThinkMarkets
IB Profit Share

Automatically Share Commissions in Real-Time

IB Profit Share

Attract new Introducing Brokers and expand your client base:

  • Monitor trading activity in real-time and whenever a client opens or closes a trade, the appropriate trade or profit or loss is added to the configured agents’ accounts
  • Automatically convert the profit currency from that of the trading client to that of the agent or IB
  • Benefit from several modes of profit-sharing with an easy set-up
MT5 Cover Trade Plugin

First On The Market!

MT5 Cover Trade Plugin

Easily reconcile counter-party risk in MT5 with Gold-i's Cover Trade Plugin

  • A simple, effective and reliable addition to the MetaTrader5 System that books “cover” trades to a Broker’s Account.
  • Makes it easier for brokers to monitor their counterparty risk with their Liquidity Providers and their clients.

  • When a Coverage Rule is created in the plugin, Cover Trades for existing orders are created automatically.
Other Plugins for MT4

Other Plug-ins for MetaTrader 4

Choose other MT4 Plugins that are right for your brokerage, including:

  • Integrate your MetaTrader platform into any back/middle office, CRM, Payment Solutions or external system with Gold-i Link
  • Receive prices from one of the various Market Data Vendors for any asset from any market into your MetaTrader Platform with Gold-i Price Server.
  • Manage your clients' trading on a specific symbol and restrict the volumes and positions that they are allowed to hold with Gold-i Net Position.
Free MT4 Plug-ins

Free MetaTrader 4 Plug-ins with Gold-i Packages

Get a Free product with the purchase of a Premium Product

Choose from the following:

  • Quote Checker
  • Margin Caller
  • Rate Blocker
  • Swap Loader
  • Balance Monitor
  • And more!
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