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Latest Gold-i Blogs & News

Gold-i's Growth Suite FAQ’s

What is Gold-i’s Growth Suite for retail brokers? We work with brokers of all shapes and sizes from start-ups through to multinationals, running across m ...

Interview with Tom Higgins: It's all about liquidity

The lifeblood of the electronic financial markets is liquidity. In this episode of Off The Record, Andrew Saks speaks to Fintech expert Tom Higgins, CEO of ...

Back to Basics: FX Bridging Technology

After winning this year’s Global Forex Award for ‘Best Bridge Provider’, we thought it would be helpful to take it back to basics for any retail brokers in ...

Bridge vs Matrix

Gold-i’s Liquidity Bridge vs Matrix: Which Should You Choose?

So, I'm guessing you've ended up here as you're in the market for a liquidity bridging technology but unsure which solution best fits your brokerage's need ...

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