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COVID-19: Business Continuity & Updates

We’re Here to Support You

We remain committed to providing ongoing 24/5 support via our global operations to ensure your business can continue to operate as normal.

We at Gold-i have taken precautions to ensure our support team and operational staff are working from home where necessary and are taking all additional steps as advised by the local governments.

During these difficult times, with significant market volatility and systems coming under increased pressure, it is important to know you have a technology partner who you can depend on.  If you need any assistance or have any queries or concerns, please contact our Support Team.

Volatility & Server Issues

The outbreak of COVID-19 is creating volatility in the FX markets, which is great for business but can create tension on your MT4 server.

Remember, you can contact us 24/5 if you are experiencing any problems through our contact form or contact support options.

Volatility & Business Intelligence

High volatility can also greatly increase risk. With the enormous amount of extra trading that goes on, you must manage both your A-Book and B-Book well.

Read more on our ‘Volatility: The Importance of Risk Management’ blog.


You can keep up to date with our weekly activities during COVID-19 on our LinkedIn page.

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