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Interview with Tom Higgins: Giving traders what they want

What do you like to trade? Indices or Crypto? In this episode of Off The Record, Andrew Saks speaks to CEO Tom Higgins, looking closely at the need for a multi-asset trading environment, how it works, and access the most comprehensive product range.


Advancements in multi-asset trading

Tom: "Having a single platform for the retail trader is really important because they want to be able to place one set of money with their broker, which they can use against all the different assets they are trading. Traders don't want to have to put money with multiple brokers."

Andrew: "You want to have all of those symbols showing on one platform recognised by the trader. Therefore the trader feels that their broker is looking after them because every time a new product comes out, they don't have to keep learning a new platform all of the time. There's more continuity, and it looks more like an evolution of product range. I think that's very important."

Tom: "Yes, bringing everything under one platform has been something challenging to do in the past. But now, it is possible through technological advances, and it brings significant advantages to the end trader.”

An exciting new asset class

"We announced a partnership with Aqua Index / AllStars Trader a couple of months ago providing indexes on celebrities, footballers, sports, cricket, etc. Gold-i provides all of the technology behind it, and they act as the Market Maker who makes the markets. We then distribute them to retail brokers, who offer them to their end clients on an over the counter basis. It's an entirely new and exciting asset class. It does sound similar to others, for example, Football Index, but they were not offered on a wholesale basis as Aqua Index / AllStars Trader are. This new asset class has already a lot of demand, and it's a very popular and clever idea."

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