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Get to know Gold-i's Visual Edge

Why take unnecessary risks?

How do you monitor your risk now?


Risk is the name of the game in FX. However, when smartly managed, it can mean the difference between big profits or significant losses.

In our latest Q&A, learn how the pandemic has impacted brokers relationship to risk and delve into the history and recent enhancements of our leading risk management analytics tool with Tom Higgins, CEO and Misha Kipnis, VP of Visual Edge. 


Why is it even more critical now for retail FX brokers of all sizes to manage their risk?

Tom: The amplified volatility and trading volumes over the past 12 months amid the pandemic have proven, even more so than before, just how intricate and crucial risk management has become to FX brokers and the industry.

Due to Covid-19, many team members are no longer all 'housed' within the same office or have the expertise to build their in-house risk management technology. No matter how complex they are, spreadsheets do not provide real-time information – they take time to update manually. Therefore, sharing close to real-time trading and client activity data and having easy to access insightful dashboards is becoming increasingly important for brokers and managers worldwide.

With the increased use of automated trading strategies by clients, FX brokers operating a hybrid business model must have access to a real-time execution technology that can smartly track toxic activity using risk analytics.

We have gone into more depth on the main business benefits of investing in business intelligence software, including having a greater understanding of your risk and exposure, the ability to optimise profits and a simple way to meet regulatory report requirements.


What is the story behind Visual Edge and can you describe the recent enhancements?

Misha: Tom and I have known each other since working on implementing electronic trading for the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) back in the early 90s and became good friends. Since then, Tom started Gold-i, and I set up Corellasoft, specialising in Advanced Visual Analytics for financial service companies.

One day, we met for a coffee in the West End of London and realised a great synergy between our two companies. Gold-i had and still has an excellent reputation in providing solutions to brokers. At the time, brokers did not have live, in-depth analysis of their exposure risk, profit, and monitoring of client trades, which Corellasoft could undoubtedly solve. So, after eight months of integration work, Gold-i launched the first version of Visual Edge.

Tom: The initial reaction of the broker community was very positive. We had a few early adopters who are still loyal users today, six years later. Since then, the product evolved mainly in response to client requests and suggestions, broadening into a highly sophisticated visual application. Some of the main enhancements include:

  • MT5 integration
  • Improved scalpers detection and analysis
  • Added detection of abnormal trades
  • CRM Integration
  • More in-depth analysis
  • Improved GUI speed and usability
  • Enhancements to improve flexibility and performance
  • Added Rules system for alerting


Visual Edge is the optimal business intelligence tool that helps brokers manage their risk, maximise the efficiency of their operations and increase profitability. No two brokers are the same. Therefore we enhanced Visual Edge's functionality to allow for extensive configurability, built similarly to a Lego set, to provide brokers with deeper levels of personalisation.


What makes Visual Edge better than other offerings?

Tom: Visual Edge is brilliant as it's an agnostic risk monitoring platform that can be adapted and customised for a customer's individual needs at an affordable price point.

From feedback from our customers, we know that our GUI is above and beyond the rest for its user-friendliness compared to other competitors, which is incredibly important when navigating and ensuring that you are making full use of such a complex solution.

Why did you decide to create Visual Edge Lite?

Misha: Recently, we launched Visual Edge Lite, a sleek, simple to set up and use dashboard including some of the most popular functions of its parent product. We could see how much value Visual Edge created for our clients whilst gaining increasing interest from brokers worldwide. Therefore, we saw an opportunity to expand access to brokers of all sizes and budgets to allow those with a restricted budget to gain a premium product at an attractive price point.

One of our first Visual Edge Lite clients wanted to enhance their White Label offering and differentiate themselves from other competitors in the market by adding a risk management solution. Notably, the solution had to be very easy to use and set up. Therefore we worked closely with the team to build a stripped back version that included only high-value feature requirements. Visual Edge Lite gives our clients greater oversight on key metrics such as their client activity, profit and loss, and client trends in real-time.


What are the main differences between Visual Edge and Visual Edge Lite?

Misha: Visual Edge Lite provides a more limited, non-customisable data set with a sophisticated but simplified display. Being web-based, typically, it only takes a few hours to set up as it does not require much client involvement because there is no customisation involved, allowing brokers to get valuable insight sooner. The below shows more on the functionality differences.


Do you have any future plans for Visual Edge?

Misha: There are some exciting features in the pipeline! Firstly, improved security, which is always essential to keep as a continuing priority. Also, we are focusing on enhancing the client analysis workbook to ensure it is as sophisticated as possible.


Gold-i's Visual Edge or Visual Edge Lite help brokers, investment banks, hedge funds, and other financial firms understand the essence of the data that drives their business.

Got a question? For more information or to request a demo, get in touch today. Let us help you succeed.

About the author

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins is the Founder and CEO of Gold-i with experience in financial technology spanning over 25 years. With an in-depth knowledge of the trading technology industry, Tom set up Gold-i in 2008 after spotting a gap in the market to enhance the FX trading process for retail brokers. As the inspiration and driving force behind Gold-i, Tom has played a major role in disrupting the retail FX and Crypto market, giving opportunities to brokers/exchanges across the globe. Now extending the firm’s focus to the institutional market, he uses his market insight to continue to drive innovation.