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Gold-i's Growth Suite FAQ’s

What is Gold-i’s Growth Suite for retail brokers?

We work with brokers of all shapes and sizes from start-ups through to multinationals, running across multiple regulatory jurisdictions. We tailor our solutions to suit your needs and your budget.

Depending on business size and needs, you can pick just one or multiple solutions from the Growth Suite. These solutions have been built to work together to increase profitability and efficiency of operations whilst reducing risk.


How does it work?

Gold-i’s Growth Suite is designed to grow with your business. Firstly, an initial call will allow us to discover your business's pain points, goals, and budget to help us uncover the gaps in your setup, which our technology can address. You may already have in mind a particular solution; in which case, this call will be to ensure the functionality meets your needs. We offer free demonstrations and trials for most of our products, to give you the opportunity to test out our solutions for yourself.


What are the key benefits of solutions within the Gold-i’s Growth Suite compared to other vendors?

Our range of solutions and plugins offer value to businesses of all sizes. At Gold-i, we strongly believe that the cheapest options are not usually the most reliable. However, we do offer discounts on our most popular bundles to encourage our client’s growth without having to pay an arm and leg!

From working closely with clients for over 12 years, we understand that a broker’s requirements vary. That’s why we offer both advanced and simplified options for our core liquidity, risk and money management solutions to give you flexibility and make sure that you’re getting the most suitable product to meet your requirements.


What solutions offer both advanced and simplified options, and what’s the difference?

Liquidity & Risk Management

To discover the key differences in our popular liquidity management solutions be sure to check out the Bridge vs Matrix blog.

Our sophisticated business intelligence and risk management tool Visual Edge now comes in a ‘lite’ version. This offers limited configurability yet still provides the key metrics that matter for your business.

MT4 & MT5 Plugin-ins

Gold-i’s advanced MAM Pro includes a white label and multi-lingual UI. However, we also offer a simplified MAM plugin for brokers seeking a less sophisticated solution.


To learn more about our Growth Suite for retail brokers click here

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