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How to Effectively Re-Engage FX Clients Using a Risk Management Solution

In a growth-driven society, many FX brokers often concentrate on new markets, clients, and services. Too often, these firms miss out on one of the most reliable sources of profit – their current customers.

The FX landscape is changing, and sophisticated yet simple technology is available on the market that gives a 360-degree view of clients trading activity in real-time. Access to this technology opens up new opportunities, allowing brokers to optimise their risk efforts and marketing.


Why is it essential to switch to a sustainable mindset and approach to retaining clients?

In a highly competitive market, it is no secret that FX traders are becoming increasingly demanding, switching between brokers that can offer the tightest spreads and lowest fees. In response, brokers are continuously seeking ways to differentiate themselves and run operations as efficiently as possible.

The possibility of selling to an existing customer is between 60% and 70%, compared to between 5% and 20% for successfully winning a new prospect. Once new clients onboard, a forex brokers goal should be to focus on client retention to minimise effort and maximise returns.

But how? Data.


What is a business intelligence and risk management solution?

As the market has evolved, the importance of risk management has become more evident not just for Risk Managers and the Dealing Desks but the entire business, including Marketing, Finance and Compliance.

A good risk management solution is an all-in-one tool that monitors the entire company's trading operations and produces data-driven analytical results on a fully automated real-time basis, helping firms understand the essence of data that drives business. Put simply; FX brokers can drill down into data to get a thorough understanding of how they are making their money and where they could be making more.


How can this type of solution guide marketing efforts?

In addition to the vast benefits that a risk management tool can bring a brokerages entire trading operation, what is often unknown is the valuable insight that can be utilised by marketing and sales teams.

1. The ability to have complete visibility of clients trading activity

This visibility can show brokers marketing teams which traders are inactive, giving valuable insight to help create remarketing campaigns to re-engage and drive trading. There are many forms of remarketing strategies, e.g. sending a push notification to your mobile clients or adding them to a dynamic email list and sending valuable content to re-engage them.

2. The ability to offer intelligence on which clients gain the business the most significant profit and loss

This intelligence allows brokers to see their top ten biggest winners vs ten biggest losers and tag specific clients that need monitoring – all in real-time, seamlessly integrated into a CRM. Having this visibility can not only help guide campaigns but also in creating dynamic account-based marketing strategies.



In a data-driven market, FX brokers are struggling to generate valuable insight. Therefore, business intelligence and risk management solutions to optimise trading operations and direct marketing efforts are becoming increasingly popular worldwide to cut through the competition and drive business.

Start to understand the essence of the data that drives business truly. Feel confident in having holistic visibility of your clients trading activity. Increase client retention, saving valuable time and money as opposed to the inefficiency of spending resources on the ongoing recruitment of new clients.


Gold-i's Visual Edge & Visual Edge Lite help brokers, investment banks, hedge funds, and other financial firms understand the essence of the data that drives their business.

Got a question? For more information or to request a demo, get in touch today. Let us help you succeed.

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Grace Butler

Grace Butler

Graduating from Bournemouth Univesity in 2019 with first-class honours, Grace is Gold-i's Marketing Executive managing a wide range of projects company-wide. Previously, Grace worked for a top Advertising agency in London, in addition to gaining experience within a local PR agency specialising in cyber-security.