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Latest Gold-i News

Get to know Gold-i's Visual Edge

Why take unnecessary risks? How do you monitor your risk now?   Risk is the name of the game in FX. However, when smartly managed, it can mean the differe ...

Talking Success Podcast: The story of Gold-i

Get to know more about Gold-i’s story in an informal podcast hosted by Stacey Jacinta from TalentInTheCloud with our CEO, Tom Higgins’ where he discusses a ...

Gold-i integrates with CryptoCortex

Gold-i has integrated with CryptoCortex – an advanced digital asset trading platform from EPAM Systems, a leading global provider of digital platform engin ...

Maximising Crypto Capital Efficiency Through Trading with Many Parties

“Use me exclusively for your liquidity and you will get the best prices available”   I bet you have heard this many times when discussing liquidity with y ...

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