Football INDEX partners with Gold-i

Football INDEX has formed an exclusive partnership with Gold-i to create a new and highly innovative ‘tradable market’ in football for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

Launching in Q2 2017, ‘football traders’ using MetaTrader will be able to buy or sell futures contracts based on the value of football players.

The new product is being developed by Football INDEX and Gold-i in response to the growing synergies between retail foreign exchange brokers and the footballing community, as evidenced by the football sponsorship deals in the industry.

Adam Cole, CEO, Football Index explains “The concept of trading is really attractive but financial markets can be scary if you’re just getting started. Many people don’t believe they have the resources and knowledge to trade on the financial markets but when it comes to football it’s a different story, everyone thinks they have the answer. Our new product, in partnership with Gold-i, will provide a great opportunity to introduce new traders to the industry.

“Football INDEX, a tradable market in the world’s top 200 footballers, has proved extremely popular since it launched in 2015. In partnership with Gold-i, we are modifying our existing platform to make it available to both brokerages as well as individual traders.”

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i adds, “We continually look at innovative ways to help MetaTrader brokers to differentiate their offering in order to attract new clients or tap into new markets. We have formed an exclusive partnership with Football INDEX to help brokers to broaden their offering and generate new revenue streams.

“By creating a football-based futures contract, we hope to help brokers to attract a new audience to trading – people who may eventually use their experience gained through trading via Football INDEX on MetaTrader to trade currencies and other financial instruments. We also believe there will be many existing FX traders who will welcome the opportunity to try out this unique football-based form of trading. Gold-i is very excited about working with Football INDEX to push boundaries and create a new product which will have mass appeal.”

Football INDEX, billed as the world’s first football stock market, has proved to be a big hit with football fans since launching in 2015. It’s a UK licensed platform where ‘traders’ can buy and sell contracts on professional footballers using real money and provides an exciting alternative to the crowded sports betting market. For further information, please visit

If you are interested in finding out further details about the new Football INDEX product for MetaTrader, please contact