Gold-i Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Gold-i is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month, a major milestone for the successful UK-based trading technology firm.

Over the last ten years, Gold-i has transitioned from a successful MT4 Bridge company to a world-renowned FinTech organisation, with a broad portfolio which includes an innovative multi-asset liquidity management platform and risk management, business intelligence and integration products. Most recently, Gold-i launched Matrix Net, which enables Liquidity Providers and Prime of Prime brokers to offer their liquidity to Gold-i’s large global client network.

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i comments, “I set up Gold-i ten years ago to address a gap in the market as, at that time, there weren’t any dedicated technology providers focusing on the retail FX market. The industry has changed considerably over the last decade and Gold-i has evolved accordingly, continually developing new products to help brokers to become more profitable and manage their risk more effectively. Most notably, we now not only focus on FX but have products which help brokers to operate across a range of asset classes.

“I am very proud of our contribution to the industry and our achievements as an organisation. We have ambitious plans moving forward and will to continue to push boundaries within our core market and further afield.”