Gold-i Launches MAM Pro for MT5

Gold-i continues to expand its MT5 portfolio with the launch of the Gold-i MAM Pro for MT5. The Gold-i MAM Pro for MT5 builds on the success of the popular Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4 – widely recognised as the most advanced MAM on the market - and enables MetaTrader brokers to attract different client types and offer more flexibility to IBs.


The Gold-i MAM Pro for MT5 has been adapted for MetaTrader 5’s hedging mode, offering the same allocation and exclusion rules as the MAM Pro for MT4. As with the MAM Pro for MT4, it is also the most cost-effective post-trade allocation tool as brokers are charged a flat rate monthly licence fee.


Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i explains, “We believe that the availability of our MAM Pro for MT5 will be a real catalyst for the uptake of MetaTrader 5. A MAM is an essential product for all brokers who work with IBs as they need an easy way to manage multiple sub-accounts. Brokers seeking to grow their business in Asia, for example, can’t operate effectively without a reliable MAM due to the large number of IBs in the region.


“As of this month, brokers wanting to upgrade to MT5 can now use our MT5 Gateway and our MAM Pro for MT5. We are also investing heavily in migrating other products in our portfolio to MT5, including our powerful risk management and business intelligence tool, Gold-i Visual Edge.”


Gold-i’s products help brokers using MetaTrader to make more money, cut costs, reduce risk and differentiate from competitors. They are all backed up by 24x7 product support in English, Turkish and Chinese. To request a product demo or further information, please email