Gold-i Launches Scalper Watch for MT4 Brokers

Gold-i has launched a product to help MT4 brokers to detect unwanted scalpers and protect their profits.

Gold-i Scalper Watch, fully integrated with MT4, is simple to use and quick to install, without requiring any additional servers. It automatically watches out for scalper traders and issues alerts when it detects them. It also enables brokers to customise settings to define how scalper traders are spotted.

Having detected a scalper, Scalper Watch shows analysis of the scalper’s other trading activity. Brokers can then decide if the scalper is taking advantage of the price latency. They can also choose to tag the scalper’s account so that the tag appears on the scalper’s subsequent trades.

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i explains, “Scalpers having access to a faster price source than the broker’s will use it to their advantage, making money every time they trade and draining a broker’s profits, unless the broker is able to close them down or A-book them quickly enough. Gold-i Scalper Watch has been developed to address this challenging issue, helping brokers to spot unwanted scalpers, act accordingly and protect their profits.”

Misha Kipnis, VP Gold-i Visual Edge added, “Without the right tool, it is very hard to identify scalpers as they trade in a way which makes it difficult to detect. Gold-i Scalper Watch is therefore a valuable and cost-effective tool, developed to help brokers to make more money.

“Scalper Watch is a key feature in the Gold-i Visual Edge business intelligence tool. We have released it as a separate product following increasing demand from brokers worldwide.”

Gold-i’s product portfolio includes a wide range of innovative software products to help MetaTrader brokers to make more money, cut costs, reduce risk and differentiate from competitors.  All products are backed up by excellent 24x7 support.

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