Gold-i Margin Caller


Gold-i Margin Caller

  • Manages Margin Calls And Stop Outs
  • Automatically Emails Clients To Advise Them
  • Alerts Customers If Order Has Been Made
  • Monitors Cash Movements
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Enhancing MT4

MT4 automatically manages margin calls and stop outs but does not have a mechanism to externally email the client when they have become on margin call or have been stopped-out. The Gold-i MarginCaller addresses this requirement. It also enables clients to be alerted when their orders are closed by a Stop Loss or Take Profit or when a cash deposit or withdrawal is made.

Improving Communications

The Gold-i MarginCaller monitors the margin status of all clients that it has permission to view and as soon as they go on margin call or stop out an email is send to the client and to broker support, and an internal MT4 mail is sent to the client.

It also sends an email to the client and broker support, and automatically sends an internal MT4 mail to the clients if all closed trades it has permission to view are triggered by a Stop Loss or Take Profit.

Similarly, the Gold-i MarginCaller monitors all cash movements that it has permission to view and sends an email to the client and to broker support, as well as an internal MT4 mail being sent to the client.

Reg Reporting

  • Automated tools to comply with reporting regimes
  • Compliant with all major reporting regimes
  • Fully integrated with MT4
  • Cost effective

Comply with Key Reporting Regimes

Gold-i offers a range of simple, automated and cost-effective tools to help MT4 brokers to comply with EMIR, MIFID2 and other reporting regimes.

We integrated MT4 with leading third party reporters – Point Nine, MAP S.Platis and Cappitech – to provide clients with a reliable, seamless reporting service across all asset classes and jurisdictions.


Since partnering with Gold-i our brokerage has thrived. Their products and services have really contributed to our growth.

Firat Gunes,
FX Market Specialist, Sanko Menkul Degerler

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