Gold-i MT5 Gateway


Gold-i MT5 Gateway

  • Ultra Low Latency Smart Routing Product For MT5
  • Access To Over 70 Liquidity Providers
  • Installed Directly On Your MT5 Server
  • Complementary Products In Development To Help MT5 Brokers Operate More Effectively And Profitably
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The Gold-i MT5 Gateway provides MetaTrader 5 brokers with all the benefits and functionality of our award-winning MT4 Bridge. With access to over 70 Liquidity Providers, it also provides the fastest and most reliable integration between retail and institutional financial trading systems, automatically covering all retail broker risks with banks in real time.

Our MT5 Gateway has been designed to work with Matrix – Gold-i’s highly sophisticated multi-asset Liquidity Management Platform. This means that brokers using MetaTrader 5 can aggregate incoming liquidity feeds and offer their own liquidity out to clients. 

Key Features

The Gold-i MT5 Gateway enhances the multi-asset features in MT5. It supports all MetaTrader order types including Stop Limit. Key features include:

  • Full routing of order types direct to Liquidity Providers
  • Supports partial fills and multiple fills
  • Supports Depth of Market
  • Fully compatible with both netted and hedging modes
  • Compatible with all filling policies where available through the counterparty

Reducing Risk

Amongst its many features, the Gold-i MT5 Gateway gives you the ability to decide which trades should be A-Booked and which should be B-Booked. It offers you the flexibility to decide whether STP or warehousing is the most appropriate route for client trades and helps you to minimise your exposure. 

Seriously Speedy

Using the Gold-i MT5 Gateway, it takes only a few milliseconds to process a client order – so you are more likely to get the price on the screen with no slippage. This highly complex MT5 software has been designed to process more trades per second than MetaTrader can, ensuring your capacity for peak live trades per second. 

Simple Set Up & Safe

The technology may be complex but the Gold-i MT5 Gateway is quick to set up, easy to use and has no duplication issues. After the initial set up, it operates entirely automatically. Apart from general system management, it requires no day-to-day maintenance. 

There is no central point of failure as all components are installed on the broker’s MT5 server. As there is no external component, it is not vulnerable to a DDOS attack.

Other MT5 Products

We have a wide range of software for MT5 brokers which is currently being developed to help clients to make more money, cut costs, reduce risk and differentiate. Products currently being migrated to MT5 include our MAM Pro, Link, RiskDB, Connect and Visual Edge software. We will also be launching the Gold-i coverage plug-in. This MT5 plug-in will automatically generate a representative coverage trade for all STP orders through the Gold-i Gateway. Ask us for further details and timings for our MT5 product portfolio.



We compared several bridge providers but selected Gold-i because of the reliability and quality of its products and services. It is an advantage for us that Gold-i has an office in Shanghai and a Chinese speaking team.

Guangjin Cheng,
Assistant to President, FXI Group Corporation

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Make more money Make more money

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