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Gold-i is driving the market forwards in terms of multi-asset liquidity management solutions with Matrix.

Use Matrix with MT4, MT5 or standard FIX API, and you have a super-fast, very easy to use, highly flexible platform with multiple routing and aggregation methods that also allow you to analyse top-line information

Gold-i Matrix

Liquidity Management Platform

Benefits for Your Brokerage:

  • Aggregate multi-asset liquidity feeds including FX, CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies
  • Use Matrix Insights to analyse order routing and report execution statistics
  • Offer your own liquidity to clients and leverage Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork

We selected Matrix as our liquidity management platform because Gold-i had already integrated with a number of high-quality Liquidity Providers who we wanted to connect with for FX, CFDs and commodities. Matrix, therefore, provided us with an efficient way of accessing this liquidity. We use Matrix Insights to monitor and measure the performance of execution with our Liquidity Providers in terms of latency, slippages and rejections. This level of detailed data can be used to form the basis of our Quality of Execution reports, which we are obligated to provide to our clients by our regulator.

Mark Gemma, CEO, Acetop Financial
Gold-i Matrix

Connect to Over 70 Liquidity Providers


With our Multi-Asset Liquidity Management Platform get access to:

  • Multiple Routing and Aggregation Methods
  • Automatic Fail-Over/ Fail-Back With or Without Aggregation
  • Host your own Instance or Gold-i
  • Minimise Slippage and Downtime
  • Analysis and Reporting Capabilities
Matrix NET

Join Leading Liquidity Providers

Matrix NET

Gold-i’s Matrix Net is an extension of Matrix connecting entities using Gold-i’s reliable technology.

It is used by leading Liquidity Providers and Prime of Prime Brokers to distribute liquidity globally.

With our partnerships, get more value accessing high quality, competitively priced liquidity across multiple asset classes.

Liquidity Providers within the Gold-i Matrix NETwork

Gold-i Matrix provides us a means of passing liquidity and receiving orders from our MT4 partners. It offers multiple routing rules and supports multi-asset classes. I believe it’s a cost-effective means of connecting to wider audiences.

Andrew Merry, FINSA
Crypto Switch™ 2.0

Maximise Opportunities from the Increasing Demand for Crypto Trading

Crypto Switch™ 2.0


  • Integrate pricing and direct trading from leading Crypto Exchanges and Liquidity Providers
  • Get full control over pricing and execution with a choice of primary/secondary feeds or full aggregation
  • Create synthetic Cryptocurrency pairs (including BTC/USD) to create whole new markets
  • Distribute your own Crypto liquidity via industry-standard protocols such as FIX or gRPC
  • Offer a fully cleared CFD or physical Cryptocurrency product from multiple Crypto Market Makers with deep pools of liquidity
  • Benefit from our exclusive partnership with FXCH and hedge Crypto flow with several venues whilst facing a single counterparty

The Crypto market is fast evolving from a financial experiment to a mature asset class. We are excited to join Gold-i in providing FX Brokers and Crypto Exchanges a safe and streamlined access to multi-source Crypto Cash and CFD liquidity.

Franck Mikulecz, Co-founder, FXCH Ltd.
MT4 Bridge
MT5 Gateway

Full Control

Ultra-Low Latency Smart Routing

Direct connection from your MetaTrader 5 server to Liquidity Providers

  • Full routing of all order types direct to Liquidity Providers in real-time
  • It only takes a few milliseconds to process a client order to avoid slippage
  • Supports Depth of Market for MT5
  • Supports multiple asset classes for MT4 and MT5
  • World-Class 24/7 service
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