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MAM and MAM Pro for MT4 and MT5

Post-Trade Allocation Tool

MAM Pro (PAMM) for MT4/MT5

Get the most sophisticated and cost-effective post-trade allocation tool on the market for MetaTrader Brokers and Money Managers

  • Attract a diverse range of clients by offering a variety of allocation methods including equity, even, balance, lot and cash-based rules
  • Offer more flexibility to Money Managers and IBs by allowing different exclusion rules
  • Use High Water Mark logic to pay an account a rebate based on their performance with MAM Pro
IB Profit Share

Automatically Share Commissions in Real-Time

IB Profit Share

Attract new Introducing Brokers and expand your client base:

  • Monitor trading activity in real-time and whenever a client opens or closes a trade, the appropriate trade or profit or loss is added to the configured agents’ accounts
  • Automatically convert the profit currency from that of the trading client to that of the agent or IB
  • Benefit from several modes of profit-sharing with an easy set-up
MT5 Cover Trade Plugin

First On The Market!

MT5 Cover Trade Plugin

Easily reconcile counter-party risk in MT5 with Gold-i's Cover Trade Plugin

  • A simple, effective and reliable addition to the MetaTrader5 System that books “cover” trades to a Broker’s Account.
  • Makes it easier for brokers to monitor their counterparty risk with their Liquidity Providers and their clients.

  • When a Coverage Rule is created in the plugin, Cover Trades for existing orders are created automatically.
Other Plugins for MT4

Other Plug-ins for MetaTrader 4

Choose other MT4 Plugins that are right for your brokerage, including:

  • Integrate your MetaTrader platform into any back/middle office, CRM, Payment Solutions or external system with Gold-i Link
  • Receive prices from one of the various Market Data Vendors for any asset from any market into your MetaTrader Platform with Gold-i Price Server.
  • Manage your clients' trading on a specific symbol and restrict the volumes and positions that they are allowed to hold with Gold-i Net Position.
Free MT4 Plug-ins

Free MetaTrader 4 Plug-ins with Gold-i Packages

Get a Free product with the purchase of a Premium Product

Choose from the following:

  • Quote Checker
  • Margin Caller
  • Rate Blocker
  • Swap Loader
  • Balance Monitor
  • And more!

Got a question?



A MAM, also known as a PAMM, is a broad term used to describe a multiple account management solution that enables a Money Manager (Master Account) to trade on behalf of numerous investor client accounts (Sub Accounts).

Gold-i’s MAM solution was built specifically for retail brokers. Offering a trade allocation tool, such as a Multi-Account Manager, can help a brokerage attract new clients and see an increase in the volume and size of trades placed on your trading platform.

In particular, a MAM offering can attract Fund Managers, Asset Managers or Professional Traders who want to trade on behalf of several passive investor accounts.


We do not sell directly to Fund Managers, Asset Managers or Professional Traders. However, we are always happy to introduce them to our broker clients who use our MAM solution.

Gold-i has been a pioneer of MAM technology for over a decade. We have plenty of experience building and refining the solution to be highly robust, considering many complex scenarios and structures that can become problematic if not handled correctly. This experience has helped us engineer a superior product, perfect for retail FX brokers.


Although many MAM tools exist, the Gold-i MAM Pro provides an immediate benefit for all levels of traders and money managers. Given the breadth of configuration options available, everyone from large funds to individual traders will benefit from the Gold-i MAM Pro solution. 

The Gold-i MAM Pro cater’s to hundreds of MAM structures, with each structure potentially having hundreds of investor sub-accounts. Cash-based rules allocate a percentage of the profit or loss rather than allocating a physical trade to the investor sub-accounts, allowing for a greater number of investors can participate in an allocation.

The Equity rule is the most popular allocation method. This rule calculates the trade allocation based on the percentage of the investor client’s current Equity versus the total Equity of all the investor clients in the MAM structure.  

No - the Gold-i MAM Pro is a post-trade allocation tool, not a trade copier. However, we offer a trade copier plugin for both MT4 and MT5, so do feel free to ask us about this and our other products and services.

The Gold-i MAM Pro is very straightforward to set up. A competent practitioner could set up a MAM structure within a matter of minutes.

Not all MAM’s are the same. We charge a flat monthly fee for our MAM Pro plugin, so there are no nasty surprises if you keep adding users or your trading volumes increase. If you would like a quote, demo or trial of our MAM Pro, please get in touch.

MT5 is architecturally a better platform. It is scalable and has no hard limits. It is an all-in-one multi-asset trading platform that offers superior tools for comprehensive price analysis, algorithmic trading applications, and copy trading. MetaTrader 5 allows traders to get more instruments and functional features; therefore, such a platform is more professional.


Traders are also very comfortable with using MT4. It is stable, it is available, and it works. As MT4 is also already installed on millions of computers globally, some brokers see it as complex to switch from MT4 to MT5, but it can come with a wealth of long-term benefits.

MT4 and MT5 use different programming languages (MQL4 & MQL5 language). MetaTrader 5 is marked by object-focused logic and a well-developed testing system for checking the efficiency of advisers. Nevertheless, the MT5 interface is close to the MT4. The new version obtained the market depth to monitor up-to-date quotes and transaction volumes.


It is important to note that MetaQuotes no longer allows new brokers to offer MT4 and has entirely removed it from the marketplace. MetaQuotes still provide support to existing MT4 customers, but the monthly fee is more expensive. However, if MT4 is still your preference, Gold-i provides a white-label option.

MetaTrader has advanced commission functionality but cannot set up automatic profit sharing with introducing brokers (IBs) or agents. This utility allows real-time profit-sharing configuration for any number of client groups or individual clients and any number of agents/IB’s.